Monday, 2 August 2010

San Pietro, Scunthorpe

Unfortunately all the photographs I took of this meal are too poor for publication. That  is a shame because this was one of the very best meals we have eaten in a restaurant this year. We went with our friends Gary and Sharon who live in the area. Gary has been many times before, and apparently never been disappointed so our hopes were high.

Only Gary and I had starters. He had the scallops, which were excellent, while I had a quail and asparagus risotto from the specials list. The quail meat was my only negative about the whole meal; it was very tough. The risotto it came with was good though, a very tasty stock with some good vegetables.

Mary and I both had steak, hers from the specials menu in a pepper corn sauce, mine from the normal menu  with a port reduction. We were both very happy with our choices. Sharon had the haddock, which she enjoyed , while Gary had the lamb, which was the most beautifully presented of all our dishes. I think I might even put the blurred photograph on at the end.

Mary and I finished with the assiette of desserts to share. I ate most of it, but it was all good. I'll put the blurry pic of that as well.

It was Mary's birthday meal so we pushed the boat out a bit, but with a bottle of excellent Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon and several champagne cocktails, as well as beer, tea and coffee, the total bill was £209. The restaurant was really comfortable, service was the best we've experienced for a long time, with every waiter being friendly, efficient and knowledgeable and the food was excellent. so we enjoyed the evening very much.

There is however one mystery. San Pietro is not in the Good Food Guide, Hardens Guide or the Michelin Guide (I don't think... I know it doesn't have a star, though I believe the proprietor came from Winteringham Fields when it had two stars). From our experience tonight I would give it a Michelin one star, 4/10 in the GFG and 2-1-3 on the Hardens scale (Food- service- ambience: 1 top 5 bottom).

I think for future reference, and to avoid infringing any copyright they might have I will conflate the figures that we would award if judging on those other scales, and add a final figure of our own rating out of ten.

So, I  hereby announce the instigation of the very complicated "Mick and Mary" ratings. The highest obtainable score on the MM scale is 31011110. The lowest is 005550.

San Pietro therefore gets an MM rating of 142138. I am sure you can work it out.

Please enjoy these blurred or over-exposed and unforgivably accidentally flashed images:

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