Monday, 9 April 2012

Glasgow - The Ubiquitous Chip

We spent some time in Glasgow last week. The Ubiquitous Chip is perhaps the best reviewed restaurant in Glasgow, so I booked in there for Sunday evening a few days earlier. Their signature dish is, I think, the Venison Haggis. Mary ordered it as her main course. Here it is:
It was both the best presented and most delicious Haggis I have ever had, and well worth the visit. 

My own main course was Chicken with a Butternut Squash croquette, spinach and a truffle and poppyseed dressing:

For starter we both had Parmesan Custard with Anchovy Toast:

I had rather expected a restaurant with the word "chip" in its name to serve excellent chips. I am sorry to say that the chips I had as side order with my own main course were not excellent chips. They were OK potato products, being large unpeeled wedges, possibly oven baked, just about cooked, but they did not meet my expectation of chips.

The restaurant is in an unusual location, just at the edge of a part of the Glasgow University campus, in a cobbled street lined with other bars and restaurants, underneath a layer of mesh that ran the whole length of the street. There were buskers and plenty of revellers when we emerged after our meal.The cobbles extend into the restaurant, making an interesting courtyard space in which to eat. Service was immaculate. It's definitely worth trying if you are in the area.

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