Friday, 21 February 2014

Thai Aroy Dee

Several colleagues from work and I went out for a few drinks and a Thai meal. Thai Aroy Dee is reputed to be small and basic but good value and authentic. It was definitely all the first three. I have no idea whether it was authentic. The two dishes I had were the pink fish stew (the top photo) and the Tom Yum Goong (the fourth photo). The stew was from their street food menu, contained masses of squid and two different types of fish ball, thick noodles and was very full flavoured, though not particularly of chilli. The Tom Yum by contrast was ferociously hot. I thoroughly enjoyed both. All my colleagues enjoyed everything they ate and all thought it was good value, working out at less than £15 each for two courses. The restaurant only do soft drinks, so you have to take your own alcohol.

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