Thursday, 27 May 2010

Blacksmith's Arms, Biggin (eventually)

Last Saturday was the summer in the UK for this year, and we had a busy day. Mary woke up in a London hotel, and so breakfasted there before catching a train back at 8am. Meanwhile I took my motorbike for its MOT in Normanton at about 8.40. The chap there suggested I had breakfast at a local cafe, so I took his advice. He said it was good, but I am afraid I disagree with him. A cheap sausage, some soggy bacon, a greasy egg and sliced mushrooms, over which were randomly strewn some tinned tomatoes and some baked beans. On a separate plate were two triangles of white bread that had been in a toaster. I suspect the toaster had been turned off at the time. I ate it all, but contemplated writing to Michelin to ask them to defer any visit they had planned. I should let you know the name of this cafe, but, with hindsight, this blog should be called "The Fear of Libel".

Lunch was taken at the Blacksmith's Arms in Biggin, near Sherburn-in-Elmet. It's an out-of-the-way pub, recommended to me by a work colleague,  so you might need the sat nav, but it's worth the effort. It was a really hot day and we wanted something light and summery; Mary had a bowl of Mussels, while I had a Smoked Salmon and Prawn Sandwich.

The Mussels were big and fresh, with a wonderfully delicate, perfectly seasoned sauce, and came with loads of thick wodges of bread and a pat of butter, while the sandwich was a deconstructed salmon and prawn cocktail rearranged into a sandwich with garnish. We both really enjoyed it and at about £16 pounds, including two drinks, it felt like a bargain.

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  1. Good restaurant review, love when people are actually honest in their reviews. Your mussels you had look great, don't get enough of them around here, well good ones anyways.