Thursday, 4 November 2010

Wakefield CAMRA Beer Festival 2010

OK, so there was no food eaten by either me or my friend John at our annual outing to the CAMRA fest at the Lightwaves leisure centre opposite Wakefield Bus Station. And it's not a restaurant. But the stuff we consumed was almost all from the topmost drawer of the beer world. It was served in oversized half pint glasses so you always get a full measure. Most of it came from barrels racked behind the bars in full sight, so there was little of that silly froth that gets in the way of the taste of so many beers in this part of the world. I think of the 11 halves I tried, my favourite was the magnificent Chardonnayle (5.1%) from Bob's Brewing Company. Stormin' Norman (6.5%) from Great Heck Brewery ran it a close second. You may be able to tell from this my taste in beer is for a light coloured floral/hoppy bitter with high alcohol content.

Every beer on display was in perfect condition. Why can't pubs serve it as well as this? There are very few pubs indeed that can. I am sorry to say that it is barely possible to get a nice, clean, refreshing pint of draught bitter in a pub within 5 miles of where I live, yet these enthusiasts managed it across hundreds of ales in a sports hall.

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