Sunday, 12 February 2012

Return to Create, Leeds

After my team's trip to Create was such a success, Mary and I went for lunch there on Friday.


Mary had the Warm Beetroot and Rocket. She didn't like it at all. I had the Chicken Terrine; I enjoyed it but there was too little accompaniment, so it was basically a slab of chicken in jelly.


Mary had the Pork Chop. It wasn't a complete dish, being accompanied only by a little bit of cabbage. We were not told that when ordering. The pork was underdone, so Mary complained. The waiter said that the pork was being served pink. That's not what you expect from Pork. It was taken off the bill, though we were not told that would happen until the bill arrived.

I had Smoked Haddock on a creamed leek and potato base with a crispy poached egg. Very nice. The egg in particular was lovely.


Treacle Tart with Clotted Cream. I had this on my first visit; it was so nice I had it again. I was not disappointed.

Our overall verdict was mixed. I liked the food and would go again. Mary did not like the food and will not be returning. If I had ordered either the pork or the beetroot dish, I too would have been very disappointed.

We ate from the special offer menu. The bill, with two coffees and a diet coke, came to just over £22.

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