Monday, 17 December 2012

Blue Bicycle, York

My main reason for not reporting for a while has been my increasing disappointment with the quality of photographs I have taken. I am intending to do a post discussing cameras to use while dining - all views are welcome. In the meantime, I have recently acquired a newish camera, and initial results are promising. It's a Canon Powershot G10 in case you are impressed. I have uploaded them full size (I hope).


Black Pudding

Smoked Fish Terrine, Wasabi Chelsea Bun, Preserved Lemon


 Bream, Chickpeas

 Brill, Mussels

Cod, Ham Hock Hash, Poached Egg, Pineapple


 Trio of British Puddings (those blobs are a trifle apparently)
Treacle Tart (Delightful).

Look at each of those dishes. Including the desserts. No-one ordered a salad but in some places those micro herbs would be a whole foraged course.

It was my first encounter with preserved lemon. I hated it. Mary loved it though. The next day she went to Waitrose and bought a jarful.

The restaurant had a nice ambience, plenty of room around the tables, friendly staff. Including two cocktails, a bottle of beer, a cup of tea, and the 10% "optional" service charge. It was £158. Was that good value? I am afraid to say, neither Mary nor I thought so. The treacle tart was lovely, all the fish was well cooked, everything was presented well. Maybe it is a matter of taste but I felt that all of the dishes were ill conceived. Smoked Fish and preserved lemon did not work for me. Neither did Cod and pineapple. The Trio pudding was an enormous disappointment and the wasabi chelsea bun was a chewy lump of dough in which I could not discern even a hint of horseradishy heat. Sharon, Gary, Mary and I had a nice time there, but we won't be going back.

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