Saturday, 15 November 2014

Swallow's Nest, Romsley, Worcs

This was a trip to see my Mum and my sister,  Sue,  who both live in the West Midlands. We went to this "Vintage Inn" in a nice village and had the light bite lunch menu, except Sue, who dined from the full menu.

Mary had a Bacon and Brie sandwich: 

Sue had a vegetable eccles cake: 

Mum and I had sausage and mash:

All of the main courses were nice and reasonably priced, but the best was my dessert:

This was the Toffee Churros Sundae from the light bites menu - only £2.00. In an extremely heavy glass stemmed bowl were toffee ice cream, toffee sauce and three hot mexican doughnuts covered in cinnamon sugar. 

It's a national chain pub, very comfortable, with good and efficient service, in a nice village. We'll go again.

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