Sunday, 14 December 2014

Truffles, Kippax, Leeds

Truffles is a small but elegant restaurant that has been at or near the top of the Trip Advisor ratings for Leeds since they began. We have been a few times, but all before we started this blog. You have to book months in advance for a Sunday Lunch reservation, but we were lucky and got a last minute cancellation. Here's the menu:

Mary had Goat's Cheese:

I had the Tiger Prawns:

As well as the menu there were specials too. Mary had Sea Bass:

I had the Roast Beef:

There were massive quantities of vegetables as well:

Mary had the Bread and Butter Pudding from the specials board:

I finished with the Raspberry Sorbet Terrine with Fruit:

With one tea, a diet coke and coffees to finish the meal cost just over £53. Everything was extremely well cooked and the portions were enormous. It's a very popular restaurant and it's easy to see why - the service is very good, the owner is an interesting chap who chats happily about the restaurant and all the food is very nice. It is exactly the sort of place for when you want the best comfort food ever and you are very hungry.  I have never had more perfectly cooked Prawns - restaurants usually overcook them- and the Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding were just about the best I have had in 2014.  It is almost inconceivable that anyone would not enjoy a meal at Truffles. I understand that it is up for sale because the owner wants to retire. You'd better book soon.

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