Sunday, 24 July 2016

Raby Hunt - 23 July 2016

Mary's birthday choice this year was a return to her favourite restaurant.

Here's what we had:

The dessert came in three parts:

Mary had never eaten a cooked oyster before - the low temperature cooking had the effect of seeming to set it so you could cut small pieces off it, but it had not become so firm that it lost all connection with the essence of oyster.

The Summer Salad was a collection of vegetables, many of them cooked, such as Kale and Beetroot, but served cold. In such an extreme vegetable dish I would have expected to find something I didn’t like, but we both loved it all. I think the waiter said it was in a lovage dressing. They grow the veg themselves, some in small areas around the car park.

The Sea Bream was exceptional, with crisp skin, delicate flesh, two nice blobs of smoked cod’s roe and dusted with a delightful savoury yellow powder (but I can’t remember what it was). 

The squab pigeon provided the only difficult note - Mary didn’t like the presence of the claw on the plate and asked for it to be removed. That done, the meat was perfectly cooked and the braised radicchio was a perfect accompaniment.

The dessert came in three parts, but we were not aware of that so, after the first part, which was a lemony cream with a seeded wafer on top, we thought it was over and asked for the bill. The waitress then told us there were two more parts still to come. Part two was a small single mouthful doughnut with a a blob of lemoniness on top. Part three was a fragile sphere of ice cold lemon and yuzu liquid which burst on contact with the tongue. Each part was lovely.

It was yet another exceptional meal at this wonderful restaurant. I am sure we will go again.

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