Sunday, 13 November 2016

CAU, Leeds

Lovely Roast Beef Sunday Lunch. Their speciality is Argentinian beef and it was exceptional. It was rump cooked medium rare with a wide strip of fat attached and was among the very best we have had recently, including some Dexter and Wagyu. The "Josper" roasted carrot was also very good, as was the red wine gravy. Yorkshire pudding was good too, and roast potatoes were ok (not crispy enough). Mary was not impressed that onion rings had found their way onto the plate, though I rather enjoyed them. The drink you can see was a "CAU Cooler" of Raspberry, Apple, Passion Fruit and Grape, and was delicious.

The atmosphere for a Sunday lunch was very "buzzy" - more like an evening. It feels a bit more like a night club than most places we go. In addition there were lots of young people photographing their food.

I look forward to going again to try a steak.

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