Monday, 5 April 2010

The Pipe and Glass, South Dalton

We made our second visit here just recently. Last year we found it because it had a Michelin Bib Gourmand, and now it has been awarded a full star in this year's list we thought we'd see if it had changed. The good news is that we didn't notice any changes at all. Service was very efficient and well-informed, and the food was as good as it was last time. Mary had Potted Gloucester Old Pot to start followed by Barnsley Chop in Mint and Nettle gravy, while I had Smoked Duck followed by a Venison suet pudding. It has to be said that the nettle flavoured gravy was initially a bit challenging, but it was interesting and worth trying. The chop itself was enormous and absolutely first rate. Vegetables came in little copper saucepans - the crunchy pickled red cabbage with the lamb was particularly good. The pub is in a beautiful village just outside Beverley and it really is well worth a visit.

As this review was to be the first in our new blog we nearly had second thoughts about the title after reading Jay Rayner's review in the Observer on 21 February 2010.
(There's a picture there of the chef preparing the Barnsley Chop so you can see how big it is)

In the review he said:

"What I hope it doesn't bring is battalions of fork-wielding, napkin-sniffing, dish-photographing Michelin pervs. Basically, I'm hoping they don't have to put up with any more people like me"

Well, he's talking about us as well, but we weren't really aware of a cutlery front in the restaurant reviewing wars. We do photograph dishes, though as discreetly as possible. I haven't yet sniffed a napkin, though Mary likes one made of a proper fabric rather than paper.

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