Sunday, 12 February 2012

General Tarleton, Ferrensby, near Knaresborough

This is a well known gastropub not far from the A1. We've been three times before, and it has always been very nice indeed. We had not been out for a good Sunday Lunch for months, so we booked late on Saturday evening.

For starters we both had "Little Moneybags": Scallops, Prawns, Salmon and Haddock served in a light filo "bag" with a lobster sauce. I think it is their signature dish. Mary pronounced it one of the best starters ever. It's worth the trip for this alone.

We both had beef. It came with one yorkshire pudding each, I ate Mary's as well. There were also bowls of wonderful Roast Potatoes, spiced Red Cabbage, and Carrot and Swede.I can't recall ever having nicer beef.

Overall, a great Sunday Lunch, at a restaurant that has never disappointed us. 

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