Tuesday, 9 July 2013

DJ's Cafe, Pontefract

I am not the biggest admirer of Trip Advisor as a source of reliable opinion about anything. However I agree with them about DJ's Cafe. At time of writing it is listed as the No. 1 restaurant out of 24 in Pontefract. It is tricky to find, being at the end of a narrow alley not far from the Butter Cross in the centre of the town. It is styled like an American diner with high stools near a counter, and only room for half a dozen small tables, though today, a bright sunny day, there were a couple of extra tables outside.

Mary and I have been there many times, and I should have written about it before. The coffee is truly excellent, but the stars of the show are the patisserie items, all made by the proprieter who was, I understand, a french pastry chef before opening his own business. The food in this cafe is truly exquisite. I doubt very much that it possible to get a better strawberry tart anywhere, and I mean absolutely anywhere, than you can get at DJ's. The pastry is an accurately cooked delight, the creamy filling is thick and sweet and the fruit topping comprises perfect whole fresh fruit (strawberries and raspberries on this occasion) under a jelly canopy.

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