Sunday, 15 December 2013

Leeds Seventeen

Whenever the fact that I write this blog comes up in conversation I am often asked which is my favourite restaurant. It's not an easy question, and the answer varies in the same way it might if I was asked my favourite piece of music. If you limit the possible field to the kind of place you might actually go for a meal because you were hungry, rather than somewhere you book two months in advance and save up for, then I think it currently comes down to two. One is the General Tarleton at Ferrensby, about which I have written before. The other is this one.

Leeds Seventeen is a restaurant located in an ordinary suburban street and is named after its postcode. From the outside it is unremarkable, looking in need of a little attention. Over the last two or three years we have been many times, but have never been disappointed. The tables, cutlery, bread, linen napkins, service and general ambience all suggest a high quality restaurant. Here are some photographs to give you the general idea:

Today we had just one course of Sunday lunch. I had Roast Turkey, Mary had Salmon. We like the way they do the vegetables, we like the gravy, we like the general presentation.

It was £8.95 each. With Tea and Diet Coke the total bill was £22.10. We enjoyed it very much and will return again soon.

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